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to blog, or not to blog

This blog was inspired by a post from Andy at Agnostic, maybe, who has challenged newly minted librarians (and archivists) to get off our collective duffs and stop whining about Unemployment in Libraryland. Not that I am going to become a famous library entrepreneur, but I have been hemming and hawing about starting a blog for a long while. As a newly minted librarian, starting a blog scares the cr*p out of me. Unemployment among seasoned librarians is a problem, but it’s an epidemic among us greenhorns. What if I post something stupid? What if I post something so moronic, that I kill my only chance of securing gainful employment in a profession I dearly love?

Michael Stephens, of Tame the Web, recently visited my hometown to talk about Technology Planning in a Hyperlinked World (PDF) and he encouraged attendees to dive into library technologies and tools…and to embrace failure. Technology, patrons, cataloging, metadata, databases, intellectual freedom, brain-eating zombies — I am unafraid. Blogging about my personal thoughts and interests — terrifying. I have birthed and killed three blogs already.

He also encouraged us to think about what we want to do for our communities. Information professionals are dedicated to providing a service to our communities, and this little blog will, hopefully, provide a place to connect independent, documentary and amateur filmmakers with resources to preserve their cinematic productions. Will it provide me with employment? Probably not. But, I hope in my small way to contribute to the community, because that is why I am an info-geek.


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I am a librarian/archivist who is interested in cinema history, film preservation, digital preservation and filmmaking in Arizona.


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