About Sue

Email: suebeeinaz at gmail dot com
Twitter: suebeeinaz

I am a librarian, archivist, journalist, editor, photographer, videographer, perpetual student and a lover of film, music and book.

After 20 years working in news journalism, I took the plunge and pursued a master’s in library science. This may sound like a strange path to librarianship, but I found it to be a natural choice. News professionals perform very similar functions to information professionals in our society. Journalists and librarians are dedicated to connecting people with information, and to protecting their rights to seek information without interference. We protect the rights of free speech, privacy and intellectual freedom, while ensuring equal access to information regardless of ethnicity, cultural, economic or religious affiliation.

Film and media studies are of particular interest to me, especially the risk of losing vast amounts of our cultural heritage, which is moldering on shelves due to insufficient funding. The need to properly preserve and provide access to our moving image and audio treasures, both print and digital, is the catalyst for this blog. But, more importantly, I want to connect with filmmakers to provide them with tools to protect and maintain access to their own digital materials for many years to come.

In summer 2011, I am beginning a second master’s program in American media and popular culture (film studies). I hope to post some new projects and presentations over the next year.

Please feel free to add comments and super-cool stuff to the posts.



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